I was out grilling last night, and for once I had an audience who pointed out there was a huge friggin caterpillar on the ground.

This thing was huge. Seriously. It’s bigger than my index finger.

We looked it up, and it’s a Cecropia Caterpillar, which means it’s going to (hopefully) turn into the biggest moth in North America – they’re about the same size as a bat.

I just love the colours on this guy. Here’s a close-up:

It looks like it’s big enough to start making a cocoon, which might be where it was heading when I interrupted it. I put it on the big maple in my yard, because they like eating maple leaves. If it does make a cocoon, it won’t hatch till summer.

As moths, they only live about two weeks. Mostly because they don’t have mouths. Or digestive systems. Which is true for other Giant Silk Moths.

Oh, since it’s a Giant Silk Moth, it’s technically a silk worm (:

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