Yet Another Bird in the Bush

American Bittern

I’ve been seeing these at the park for ages, but they’re always either far away, or hiding, or both. Apparently they’re very secretive birds that like to hide in reeds. When observed, they pretend to be reeds.

Or, if they’re not in reeds at the time, they try and stay still and hope you go away.

2 comments to Yet Another Bird in the Bush

  • Murun

    Is it a bittern? I love the noise they make. Out of this world.

    • sterlingphoenix

      Yeah, it says Bittern up there… uh… in really small letters… oops (;

      I’ve never actually heard them making their sounds, sadly.

      But we do have Common Loons here, and those are some out-of-this-world sounds. Sadly, since they’re actually way overused as such and once you know it’s a Loon it gets really annoying when you’re watching a movie and you go “LOONS DON’T LIVE IN THE DESERT!!!”

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