I have a story to tell about an old man who lived in my neighbourhood.

But first I have to talk about what our neighbourhood looked like. It’s not 100% vital to the story, but it nagged at me a bit that when I say “neighbourhood”, people probably get a completely different mental image than […]

Tree frog


I was out grilling last night, and for once I had an audience who pointed out there was a huge friggin caterpillar on the ground.

This thing was huge. Seriously. It’s bigger than my index finger.

We looked it up, and it’s a Cecropia Caterpillar, which means it’s going to (hopefully) turn […]

Yet Another Bird in the Bush

American Bittern

I’ve been seeing these at the park for ages, but they’re always either far away, or hiding, or both. Apparently they’re very secretive birds that like to hide in reeds. When observed, they pretend to be reeds.

Or, if they’re not in reeds at the time, they try and stay still […]

Dragonfly on Asparagus

I was taking pictures in my garden (which I’ll post when I get Part 2) when I noticed this guy on an asparagus stalk.

We haven’t picked asparagus this year since we only got one stalk, which has already grown into a mini-tree. The thing is taller than I am now. And I didn’t […]


I was planning on taking pictures of my ivy every year, but I skipped last year. Also I’m a couple of months late this year. But anyway.

This is May 2012. Looks like it’s been two years since we put the new side doors in!

This is July 2014 (also known as a […]


Duncan insists on going outside lately. It was raining when I got home today so I figured, sure, go outside, I dare you.

He was out for about 45 minutes. It was drizzling lightly enough to be a bit irritating but not get rid of the mosquitoes. Eventually I went and grabbed the camera and […]


This post is basically me bragging about the crazy amount of morel mushrooms we found in our yard. […]


Ran into a snapping turtle at the park, and for once I actually had a camera with me. […]


Actually worked on the garden this year. This post contains one picture and way too many words about it. Full post on my blog. […]