I’m going to publish this without reading it first. Hopefully it’s not a complete mess.

I wanted to post something new for a while, but the last post I made was for Gigi’s 15th birthday… and I didn’t feel right posting anything else before I followed up on that. And I couldn’t […]

13 (and a bit)

Gigi’s 13th birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but it was cloudy and rainy. And I kept forgetting to bring a camera when it was nice. So yesterday I just took a few cellphone pics.

BONUS: Gigi X-Ray Paw. And yeah it’s all good.

Her other paw, well, apparently […]


I got a new kitten. She’s about 9 months old, and her name is Nora.

Finally someone appreciates all the wheatgrass I’ve been growing.

After that she destroyed every plant that wasn’t wheatgrass.

She’s sadly a bit too old to just accept that Duncan is the boss. She tried asserting herself […]

Hey look what I found.

Yes, another random dog showed up on my doorstep. But unlike the previous one, this guy had a collar with a tag on it. So I know his name is Harrison.

His tag also had a phone number which I called a bunch of times but they didn’t answer. It also had an address […]


When I was a kid, there was an old man who lived in our neighbourhood. When I started thinking about writing this up I realised I didn’t remember his name, but luckily my mom did. His name was Ralph Elkin. “Uncle Elkin”, we called him.

He was American (which was somewhat rare). Wore one of […]


Actually worked on the garden this year. This post contains one picture and way too many words about it. Full post on my blog. […]


It’s Gigi’s 12th birthday, and luckily it was a nice enough day to take photos outside. […]


[ Note for LJ-Land: This is super-long. Sorry. ]

Wow, no posts since November. And no real posts since August. And no significant posts since May. And no posts where I just write a lot of stuff since, well, I didn’t feel like scrolling that far.

A lot has happened over the past year […]


I finally got a decent-sized potato from my garden…       …but it was already occupied.


Happy 11th Birthday, Gigi.