Palm Wax

I only heard about palm wax a couple of weeks ago. One of the interesting things about it is it’s supposed to make cool patterns when it cools. So once I established that it’s made from eco-friendly palm oil (because that’s just the kind of thrilling person I am), I got some.

I got […]

Candles – Experimental Edition

I’ve been making more and more candles (and giving a lot of them away), and eventually made some experimental ones. Here are a few:

Those are (obviously) much larger pillar candles than the usual votives I make. I get them that way by having a bunch of crushed ice in the container and then […]


I like making candles. First, I like candles. Second, it indulges my crafty/mad-scientist tendencies.

I hadn’t made any candles in a while, but for some reason I decided to make a few last week. I wanted an excuse to make more so I told a friend of mine I’d give her some.

So […]

Hey look what I found.

Yes, another random dog showed up on my doorstep. But unlike the previous one, this guy had a collar with a tag on it. So I know his name is Harrison.

His tag also had a phone number which I called a bunch of times but they didn’t answer. It also had an address […]


When I was a kid, there was an old man who lived in our neighbourhood. When I started thinking about writing this up I realised I didn’t remember his name, but luckily my mom did. His name was Ralph Elkin. “Uncle Elkin”, we called him.

He was American (which was somewhat rare). Wore one of […]


I have a story to tell about an old man who lived in my neighbourhood.

But first I have to talk about what our neighbourhood looked like. It’s not 100% vital to the story, but it nagged at me a bit that when I say “neighbourhood”, people probably get a completely different mental image than […]

So I’m painting the bedroom.


I was planning on taking pictures of my ivy every year, but I skipped last year. Also I’m a couple of months late this year. But anyway.

This is May 2012. Looks like it’s been two years since we put the new side doors in!

This is July 2014 (also known as a […]

Book Review: Mary Poppins (yes really)

Mary Poppins is the whimsical, imaginative story of a manipulative, narcissist sociopath who should never be allowed anywhere near children, but is luckily hired by extremely irresponsible parents. […]


This post is basically me bragging about the crazy amount of morel mushrooms we found in our yard. […]